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Professional Dog Walking Service

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Start by scheduling a free Consultation with us to discuss your dogs care. During the Consultation we will discuss your dogs health, behavioural traits and special requirements your dog may have. We will gladly answer any questions you have to ensure your dogs needs are met. 

Daily Outings "The Romp"

Our Daily outings are large group walks in our private park with all of our furry friends for a care free romp and play time.The daily outings consist of a pick up and drop off and a minimum hour and a half to two hour walk.

Home Care Boarding

All boarding is conducted in our home where the dog will have free roam, access to our backyard and there own room to sleep in with our guy Sam



Additional Dog

Dog Walks



Puppy Walks

(3 - 15 months)

pupply rate applicable for a mind of 3 days per week



Large Dog

(Over 100 lbs)




($10 surchage for Weekend pick-up and drop-off)




($10 surchage for Weekend pick-up and drop-off)



Our Rates Include pick up & drop off

All dogs must be spayed and/or neutered and be up to date

on all vaccinations, puppies must be vaccinated

24 hour notice must be provided for all cancellations