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Professional Dog Walking Service


I started Dogtown in 2008 with my wife Judy after working in the public parks for another outfit that ended up being the wrong fit. As Alexander the Great said “If I weren’t a man I would want to be a dog” I have been around dogs most of my life and I always knew I wanted to work with animals in some capacity. Toronto has plenty of dog friendly resources. Dog walking, daycare, boarding, playgroups and an endless surplus of spas, boutique’s and pet stores all inspired and driven by all the people who absolutely love their pets. I knew when I started Dogtown I wanted to work with the dogs that I loved and that had given my family and me so much love and taught me so much since I was a young boy.

After working in the public parks for several years and several situations with dogs/walkers that I was unfamiliar with my biggest concern was the safety and well being of the pups that were entrusted into my care my wife and I started working with the city of Toronto to create an environment where I could guarantee the safety of all the dogs that are in my care.

In 2010 Dogwood Park was born and we have completely cleaned and restored the environment. Over the past 2 years I have been resurfacing the entire space to be low impact and diverse terrain to stimulate play and socialization which is essential in maintaining mental and physical health of our family’s beloved pets. My devotion and inspiration comes from my own love for my dogs that I have shared my life with.  

Dogs are social animals that require amble excise, caring and loving attention.

At Dogtown our main goal is to have the owners comforted knowing that their best friends are happy, well exercised and exhausted and to provide the highest level of care for our client’s dogs in our environment.  

We all know that life can be really busy between trying to balance work and family,

At Dogtown we lead full lives of the unconditional love and happiness we receive from the dog’s we get to play with everyday and we have this incredible city and all the amazing people who live here to thank. We love you and your beloved pups.

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